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Orenda OE-600


A liquid cooled V-8 piston engine in the 500-750 hp range.The OE600A model was first certified by FAA and Transport Canada in March 1998 at 600 hp.


Certificated in 1998 after a protracted and expensive development programme, the engine was in low-rate initial production in Debert, Nova Scotia when the effort was suspended in 2003. Engines had previously been delivered to Moravan in the Czech Republic for the Z-400 Rhino utility aircraft, to China for the Hongdu N-5 and to Tusas Aerospace Industries in Turkey for the Zui. Explorer Aircraft had selected the OE-600 for its 500R and several re-engining programmes were under way, including the Orenda-powered de Havilland Canada Otter and Beaver.


Cycle: 4 stroke
No cylinders: V-8
Bore: 112.6 mm
Stroke: 101 mm
Compression: 8
Displacement: 8111 cc
Cooling: Liquid
Ignition: DCDI
Reduction: Mechanical 2.14/1
Dimension: 812 x 1511 x 901 mm
Weight: 340 kg
Max pwr: 600 hp at 4400 rpm





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