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General Electric TF34



The General Electric TF34 is a military turbofan engine used on the A-10 Thunderbolt II and S-3 Viking. Developed by GE Aircraft Engines during the late 1960s, the original engine comprises a single stage fan, driven by a 4-stage low pressure (LP) turbine, supercharging a 14-stage high pressure (HP) compressor, driven by a 2-stage HP turbine. An annular combustor is featured. The TF34-GE-400A is rated at 9,275 lbf (41.26 KN) static thrust.
The civilian variant, the CF34, is used on a number of business and regional jets.


A-10 Thunderbolt
S-3 Viking
Sikorsky S-72



Type: twin-shaft, bypass turbofan engine
Length: 2.616-3.696 m
Diameter: 1.118-1.346 m
Dry weight: 758-1676 kg
Compressor: single-stage fan, 14 stage HP axial flow compressor
Combustors: annular
Turbine: 4 stage LP, 2 stage HP
Maximum thrust: 9,250 lb (4200 kg)



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