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General Electric J73



The General Electric J73 turbojet was developed by General Electric from the earlier J47 engine. Its original USAF designation was J47-21, but the innovative features (variable inlet guide vanes, and single-shell combustor case) led to its redesignation as J73. A total of 870 were built at a unit cost of US$145,000.


YF-84J Thunderstreak
F-86H Sabre



Type: Turbojet
Length: 200 in (5 m)
Diameter: 39.5 in (1 m)
Dry weight: 3,650 lb (1,656 kg)
Compressor: 12 stage, axial flow, variable inlet guide vanes
Combustors: 10 cannular combustion chambers
Turbine: 2 stage
Maximum thrust: 9,500 lbf (42 kN) dry, 12,500 lbf (55.6 kN) with afterburner
Overall pressure ratio: 7.5:1
Specific fuel consumption: 0.9 lb/hr/lbf (dry power)
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 3.4 lbf/lb


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