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General Electric CFE738


The CFE738 is a small turbofan engine aimed at the business/commuter jet market manufactured by the CFE Company, and is used on the Dassault Falcon 2000.

The success of the GE27/GLC38 gas generator development of the 1980s led to the formation of the CFE Company by GE and the Garrett Engine Division of Allied Signal (later Honeywell) in 1987.

The CFE738 consists of a single stage fan, driven by a 3-stage low-pressure (LP) turbine, supercharging a 5-stage high-pressure (HP) axial/centrifugal compressor driven by a 2-stage HP turbine. The engine has an overall pressure ratio of 35:1, which is extremely high for an engine with a centrifugal compressor. Other cycle parameters are a bypass ratio 5.3 and airflow of 240 lb/s. The take-off thrust is 5,600 lbf, flat-rated to ISA+15C.


Dassault Falcon 2000


Type: Turbofan
Length: 68.3 in
Diameter: 35.50 in (Fan)
Dry weight: 1,214 lb (Basic) Dry Weight: 1,325 lb
Compressor: Fan/Compressor Stages: 1/5+1C
Turbine: High-Pressure Turbine/Low-Pressure Turbine Stages: 2/3
Maximum thrust: Max. Thrust (Sea Level Static): 5,918 lbf, Cruise Net Thrust (Mach 0.8, 40000 ft, ISA): 1310 lbf
Overall pressure ratio: ~30:1, Bypass Ratio: 5.3
Specific fuel consumption: (Sea Level Static): 0.369 lb/hr/lbf, (Mach 0.8, 40000 ft, ISA): 0.645 lb/hr/lbf


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