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General Electric CF700 / TF37


Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) with its CF700 in the center of the vehicle


The General Electric CF700 (military designation TF37) is a turbofan development of the CJ610. The CF700 has an uncommon rear-mounted fan connected directly to the low-pressure turbine blade for improved fuel economy.

Dassault Falcon 20
North American Sabreliner Series 75A and 80
Lunar Landing Research Vehicle/Lunar Landing Training Vehicle


Type: Single spool turbofan
Length: 75.5 in (1,918 mm)
Diameter: 33 in (838 mm))
Dry weight: 735 lb (333.4 kg) with optional thrust reverser
Compressor: 8 stage high pressure compressor + 1 stage fan directly driven by the free LP turbine
Turbine: 2 stage high pressure turbine, 1 stage low pressure turbine
Fuel type: Aviation kerosene
Maximum thrust: 4,200 lbf (18.68 kN)
Bypass ratio: 2.0:1
Specific fuel consumption: 0.67 lb/lbf-hr (68.3 kg/kN-hr) at maximum cruising speed
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 6.6:1



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