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Garrett F109 / TFE109

The Garrett F109 (Company designation TFE109) was a small turbofan engine developed for the Fairchild T-46 by Garrett AiResearch. With the United States Air Force's cancellation of the T-46 program in 1986, further development of the engine ceased,and with it the civil TFE109 version.


Fairchild T-46
Promavia Jet Squalus


Type: Turbofan
Length: 942 mm (37.1 in)
Diameter: 523 mm (20.6 in)
Dry weight: 182 kg (400 lb)
Maximum thrust: (Max takeoff) 5.92 kN (1,330 lb st),(Max continuous at 9,145 M/30,000 ft at Mach 0.5) 1.78 kN (400 lb st)
Specific fuel consumption: (At max takeoff) 11.10 mg/Ns (0.392 lb/hr/lb st)


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