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Canadian Airmotive CAM 100
Firewall Forward CAM 100


The Firewall Forward CAM 100 is a 100 hp (75 kW) four-cylinder, four-stroke liquid-cooled piston aircraft engine built by Firewall Forward Aero Engines. Originally designed and built by Canadian Airmotive as the CAM 100 and later marketed by The Cam-Fire Engine Group, it is based on a Honda Civic automotive piston engine. Unit cost was US$8,450 in 2005.


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CAM 100
Type: Four-cylinder, four-stroke piston engine
Bore: 74 mm (3.07 in)
Stroke: 86.5 mm (3.41 in)
Displacement: 1488 cm3 (90.7 cu in)
Length: 32 inches (810 mm)
Width: 19.5 inches (500 mm)
Height: 25 inches (640 mm)
Dry weight: 226.2 pounds (102.6 kg)
Valvetrain: overhead camshaft
Fuel type: 90 Octane petrol or 100LL aviation petrol
Cooling system: Uses a water-glycol mixture with a camshaft belt driven water pump.
Reduction gear: 2.4:1 reduction ratio (6,000 rpm engine, 2,500 rpm propeller).
Starting system Electric gear reduction starter.
Power output: 100hp (74.6 kW) at propeller flange.
Specific power: 130 kW/L (1.10 hp/cu in)
Compression ratio: 9.6:1
Specific fuel consumption: 0.43 lb/bhp/hr at 80% power


Firewall Forward CAM 100
Cycle: 4 stroke
No cylinders: 4 inline
Bore: 74 mm
Stroke: 86.5 mm
Compression: 9.6
Displacement: 1488 cc
Cooling: liquid
Ignition: Electronic
Reduction: Crantee Belt 2.4/1
Dimension: 570 x 641 x 813 mm
Weight: 101.9 kg
Max pwr: 105 hp
Price 1998: $7950







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