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Turbomeca Turmo
Changzhou / Dongan WZ-6


Turbomeca Turmo IIIB


The Turbomeca Turmo is a French turboshaft engine developed for helicopter use. A descendant of Turbomeca's pioneering Artouste design, later versions delivered around 1,200 kW (1,610 shp). A turboprop version was developed for use with the Breguet 941 transport aircraft.

Current versions are built in partnership with Rolls-Royce, and the engine is produced under license by the Chinese Changzhou Lan Xiang Machinery Works as the WZ-6 and Romanian Turbomecanica Bucharest as the Turmo IV-CA


Turmo IIIC
A 894.84 kW (1,200 hp) turboshaft powering the Sud-Aviation Frelon prototypes.

Turmo IIIC2
Developed from the IIIC delivering 969.41 kW (1,300 hp) maximum output

Turmo IIIC3
Maximum rating 1,118.55 kW (1,500 hp) at 33,500 rpm for production Super Frelon helicopters

Turmo IIIC4

Turmo IIIC5

Turmo IIIC6

Turmo IIIC7

Turmo IIID
Turboprop for the proposed Breguet Br 942 STOL transport, maximum rating 913.48 kW (1,225 hp).

Turmo IIID2
995.51 kW (1,335 hp) at 22,460 free turbine rpm

Turmo IIID3
1,081.26 kW (1,450 hp) at 33,500 rpm

Turmo IVB

Turmo IVC

Turmo IV-CA
Licence production in Romania

Turmo VI
Turboprop engine with two axial stages, one centrifugal compressor stage and two free power turbine stages, rated at 1,342.26 kW (1,800 hp) at 32,000 rpm.

Licence production at the Changzhou Lan Xiang Machinery Works in the Peoples Republic of China.


Aérospatiale Puma
Aérospatiale Super Frelon
Aérospatiale Super Puma
Bölkow Bo 46
IAR 330
SNCASE SE.3200 Frelon

Breguet 940
Breguet 941
Breguet 941S



Turmo IIIC7
Type: Two-shaft turboshaft
Length: 182 cm (71.6 in)
Diameter: 71.6 cm (28.2 in)
Dry weight: 325 kg (716 lb)
Compressor: Single-stage axial, single-stage centrifugal
Combustors: Annular, reverse-flow
Turbine: Two-stage compressor turbine, two-stage power turbine
Maximum power output: 1,217 kW (1,632 shp)
Overall pressure ratio: 5.9:1
Power-to-weight ratio: 3.74 kW/kg (2.28 shp/lb)



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