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Curtiss V-1570 Conqueror




Designed in 1924 as a military successor to the Curtiss D-12, initially named the Conqueror it was later given the military designation of V-1570 (and GV-1570) based on its displacement of 1,570 cubic inches (26 L). The engine featured open ended cylinder liners (advanced technology for the period) and pressurized liquid cooling. Developments including the use of a supercharger gradually increased power output until reliability problems due to overheating and coolant leaks became apparent.
The Curtiss V-1570 Conqueror was a 12-cylinder vee liquid-cooled aircraft engine. Representing a more powerful version of the Curtiss D-12. The Conqueror featured enbloc type jacket construction, in two banks of 6 each. The cylinders were wet sleeve type of heat treated hydraulically forged carbon steel screwed and shrunk into cylinder heads. Four interchangeable tulip valves seating directly in bronze inserts. Th crankshaft was an eight bearing type.
The gear case assembly was geovable as a unit. Pistons were ribbed head type aluminium alloy. Master and articulated connecting rods.
Avaliable at extra cost was and Eclipse hand inertia starter.
The engine entered production in 1926 and flew in numerous aircraft.
Military funding for further development of the Conqueror was cut in 1932, efforts by Curtiss to market the engine for civil airliners failed and the line was dropped from production.


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Type: 12 cylinder 60 deg V, direct drive and geared, water cooled
Rating – direct drive: 600 hp at 2400 rpm
Rating – geared drive: 600 hp at 2450 rpm
Displacement: 1569
Compression ratio: 5.8-1
Bore: 5 1/8 in
Stroke: 6 1/4 in
Height: 36 5/8 in
Length – direct drive: 63 1/16 in
Length – geared drive: 68 27/32 in
Width: 26 5/16 in
Weight - direct: 755 lb
Weight - geared: 845 lb
Fuel consumption: not more than .53 lb/hp/hr
Oil consumption: not more than .015 lb/hp/hr
Lubrication: Pressure and scavenging pumps
Ignition: dual Scintilla
Carburation: 2 Stromberg Dual type NA-Y6-O
Spark plugs: 2 per cylinder B.G.




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