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Curtiss V-2  / R-1454


The Army submitted a specification for a new engine on 15 August 1923. The fixed-price contract was won by Curtiss following its bid of 13 November 1923, and was for the construction of three engines, known as the R-1454, with an option for three more. The Curtiss V-2 was a 12-cylinder Vee liquid-cooled aircraft engine. The first engine was delivered in September 1924, and it managed 405hp at 1650 rpm. A modified cylinder (Type M) developed by S.D Heron, an independent contractor, was fitted to the engine, and the Army picked up the option in the contract in February 1926.


The appearance of the lighter Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine effectively killed off the R-1454, and the Army and Curtiss agreed to terminate the contract almost at once, with only three built.



Type: 12-cylinder liquid-cooled Vee aircraft engine
Displacement: 1,454 in³ (23.8 L)
Cooling system: Liquid-cooled
Power output: 405 hp (302 kW) at 1,650 rpm


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