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Curtiss C-6




The Curtiss C-6 is a six-cylinder, water-cooled, inline aircraft engine and is a development of the Curtiss K-6 engine. The C-6 features an overhead cam and aluminum cylinder jackets.


Curtiss Lark
Curtiss Oriole
Curtiss MF Seagull
Laird C-6 Special
Pitcairn PA-1 Fleetwing
Pitcairn PA-2 Sesquiwing
Travel Air 2000
Waco 9



Type: 6-cylinder water-cooled inline
Dry weight: 420 lb
Valvetrain: Two intake and two exhaust valves per cylinder, pushrod-actuated
Cooling system: Water-cooled
Power output:
160 hp at 1,250 rpm
161 hp at 1,760 rpm
Fuel consumption: .5 lbs per hp per hr
Oil consumption: .016 lbs per hp per hr
Power-to-weight ratio: 0.38 hp/lb



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