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In the northern spring of 2011, a new electric paramotor was introduced. Developed by Werner Eck, Geiger Engineering, Electric Sports, Flytec, and Charly Produkte, the Scott-E uses Flytec's electric drive system.


The benefits of electric are many; vibration-free, very quiet take-off and flying without CO2 emissions. No fuel and oil Stench during transport. After flight, there are no hot engine parts that dirty your hands or burn your fingers.


The electric drive system, developed by Geiger/Eck and produced by Flytec, has an engine power of approximately l kW per 0.33 kg weight, it achieves an energy conversion efficiency of approx. 94% (a common gas engine is just 5%).


The brushless HM 10 engine is maintenance free. There are no engine parts subject to mechanical abrasion. The complete drive system is protected worldwide by several patent records.




Batteries can be charged from any domestic socket and last for approx 1000 charging cycles.


The Scott-E features an optimised propeller for performance efficiency and it has a minimal noise level which is far below the legal requirements. It is also retractable for the speed range and built for the stresses and strains characteristic for paragliding.


Charly Produkte has designed an innovative all-round harness specifically for to the Scott-E which provides full comfort and safety to the pilot during motor - as well as during free flight use.


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