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CNA / Compagnia Nazionale Aeronautica C-7


The CNA C-7 was a small nine-cylinder supercharged, geared, single row radial engine designed in Italy in the early 1930s. Three light aircraft class world altitude records were set by the CNA C-7 powered Fiat AS.1 and CNA Eta.

CNA Beta
Fiat AS.1

Bore: 80 mm (3.15 in)
Stroke: 85 mm (3.35 in)
Displacement: 3.85 L (235 cu in)
Dry weight: dry 125 kg (276 lb)
Construction: Aluminium cylinder heads and steel barrels. Cast "Elektron" metal crankcase.
Valvetrain: Two valves per cylinder. An overhead camshaft, driven by a bevel shaft running between each pair of cylinders operated the exhaust valve of one and the inlet valve of the next.
Supercharger: Centrifugal blower running at crankshaft speed.
Fuel system: 1× Memini carburetter
Cooling system: Air
Reduction gear: 3:1
Ignition: Dual ignition: 2× Marelli plugs per cylinder, driven by a different Marelli magneto
Power output: Normal 134 kW (180 hp) at 4,800 rpm
Compression ratio: 7:1



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