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Cicaré 4C2T


The Cicaré 4CT2 is an Argentine air-cooled, four-cylinder, horizontally opposed, two-stroke, piston engine designed and built by Cicaré Aeronáutica as a light low cost engine. First run in 1973.


Cicaré Helicopter # 1
Cicaré CK.1


Type: Air-cooled four-cylinder horizontally opposed two-stroke piston engine
Bore: 74 mm (2.91 in)
Stroke: 76 mm (3.00 in)
Length: 810 mm (31.89 in)
Width: 660 mm (25.98 in)
Height: 550 mm (21.65 in)
Dry weight: 68 kg (150 lb)
Valvetrain: 1 inlet and 1 exhaust valve per cylinder
Fuel system: Updraught flow-type carburettor
Fuel type: Mixture of 40 parts 80-octane to 1 part SAE40 oil
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Power output: 69 hp (67 kW) at 4,5000 rpm
Compression ratio: 7.2:1



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