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Boeing 520 / T60

The Model 520 (military designation Boeing T60) was a family of small turboshaft / turboprop engines produced by Boeing, based on Boeing's earlier Model 500 gas generator and Model 502 turboshaft engines.


Military turboshaft verion for testing.

(YT60-BO-2A) Free power turbine turboshaft rated at 475 hp (354.21 kW)

Turboprop rated at 475 hp (354.21 kW)

Direct drive turboshaft rated at 550 hp (410.13 kW) military power

Turboprop rated at 550 hp (410.13 kW)


Type: Turboshaft
Length: 54.1 in (1,374 mm)
Diameter: 25.14 in (639 mm) maximum height
Dry weight: 250 lb (113 kg)
Compressor: Single-stage centrifugal flow
Combustors: 2 reverse flow can combustors
Turbine: 1x radial gas generator power turbine stage
Fuel type: Aviation kerosene
Oil system: pressure spray/splash, oil specification: MIL-L-7808
Maximum power output: 550 hp (410.13 kW) military rating at 6,000 output shaft rpm
Overall pressure ratio: 6:1
Turbine inlet temperature: Jet pipe Temperature: 1,025 °F (552 °C)
Specific fuel consumption: 0.67 lb/hp-hr (0.41 kg/kW-hr)
Power-to-weight ratio: 2.2 hp/lb (3.616 kW/kg)



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