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Lycoming O-480
BMW GO-480-B1A6


The Lycoming O-480 is a family of six-cylinder, horizontally opposed fixed-wing aircraft engines of 479.6 cubic inch (7.86 l) displacement, made by Lycoming Engines. The engine is a six-cylinder version of the four-cylinder Lycoming O-320.

O-480 series engines are installed on a number of different aircraft types. Their main competitive engines are the Continental IO-520 and IO-550 series.

All engines have an additional prefix preceding the 480 to indicate the specific configuration of the engine. Although the series is known as the "O-480", there are only geared engines in the series. There are also numerous engine suffixes, denoting different accessories such as different manufacturers' carburetors, or different magnetos.

Normally aspirated Opposed engine, equipped with a carburetor and Gearbox at the front end of the crankshaft to drive the propeller fewer revolutions per minute than the engine.

Supercharger driven by the engine, gearbox to drive propeller, and equipped with a carburetor. Designated the O-480-1 by the US military.

Supercharger driven by the engine, gearbox to drive propeller, with fuel Injection. Designated the O-480-3 by the US military.

Gearbox to drive propeller, normally aspirated with fuel injection.

Aero Commander 560, 560A, 560E and 680, 680E and the pressurized 720 Alti-Cruiser.
Aermacchi AM3CM (Bosbok)
Beechcraft Twin Bonanza
Beechcraft Queen Air
Dornier Do 27
Helio Courier
Soko J-20 Kraguj
Temco 58
Utva 66


Type: Six-cylinder air-cooled geared supercharged horizontally opposed engine
Bore: 5.125 in (130 mm)
Stroke: 3.875 in (98 mm)
Displacement: 479.6 in³ (7.86 l)
Dry weight: 498 lb dry
Valvetrain: Two overhead valves per cylinder
Supercharger: 11.27:1 ratio, providing 48" Hg (1.6 atm / 8.8 psi) manifold pressure at sea level at maximum power
Fuel type: 100 octane rating gasoline
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Reduction gear: 77:120 (.642:1)
Power output: 340 hp at 3,400 rpm at sea level
Compression ratio: 7.3:1



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