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Allison J35
General Electric TG-180


The General Electric/Allison J35 was originally developed by General Electric (GE company designation TG-180) in parallel with the Whittle-based centrifugal-flow J33, and was the United States Air Force's first axial-flow (straight-through airflow) compressor engine. The J35 was fairly simple, consisting of an eleven-stage axial-flow compressor and a single-stage turbine. With the afterburner, which most models carried, it produced 7,400 lbf.

Like the J33, the design of the J35 originated at General Electric, but major production was by Allison.

The J35 first flew in the XP-84 in 1946. Late in 1947, complete responsibility for the production of the engine was transferred to the Allison Division of the General Motors Corporation. Some J35s were built by GM's Chevrolet division. More than 14,000 J35s had been built by the time production ended in 1955.

The J35 was used to power the Bell X-5 variable-sweep research aircraft and various prototypes such as the XB-43 Jetmaster, XB-45 Tornado, Convair XB-46, XB-47 Stratojet, Martin XB-48, and Northrop YB-49. It is probably best known, however, as the engine used in two of the USAF's leading fighters of the 1950s, the F-84 Thunderjet and the F-89 Scorpion.

A larger development of the engine was later produced as the Allison J71, producing around 10,000 lbf.

J35-GE-2 3,820 lb (17 kN) thrust
J35-A-3: 4,000 lb (17.8 kN) thrust
J35-C-3: 3,820 lb (17. kN) thrust
J35-C-3: 4,000 lb (17.8 kN) thrust
J35-A-5: 4,000 lb (17 kN) thrust
J35-A-9: 4,000 lb (17.8 kN) thrust
J35-A-11: 6,000 lb (26.7 kN) thrust
J35-A-13: 5,200 lb (25 kN) thrust
J35-A-15: 4,000 lb (17.7 kN) thrust
J35-A-15C: 4,000 lb (17.7 kN) thrust
J35-A-17: 4,900 lb (21.8 kN) thrust
J35-A-17D: 5,000 lb (22.2 kN) thrust
J35-A-19: 5,000 lb (22.2 kN) thrust
J35-A-21: 5,600 lb (25 kN) thrust, 7,400 lbf (32.0 kN) with afterburner
J35-A-23: 10,090 lb (45 kN) thrust
J35-A-29: 5,600 lb (24.9 kN) thrust
J35-A-35: 7,200 lb (32.0 kN) with afterburner
J35-A-33: 5,600 lb (25.0 kN) thrust, 7,400 lb (32 kN) with afterburner
J35-A-35: 5,440 lb (24.26 kN) thrust, 7,200 lb (32.11 kN) with afterburner

Bell X-5
Convair XB-46
FJ-1 Fury
F-84 Thunderjet
F-89 Scorpion
Martin XB-48
Northrop YB-49
XB-43 Jetmaster
XB-45 Tornado
XB-47 Stratojet
XP-86 Sabre
F7U-3 Cutlass (interim test usage)



Type: Afterburning turbojet
Dry weight: 2,850 lb (1,293 kg) including afterburner
Compressor: 11-stage axial compressor
Turbine: Single-stage
Maximum thrust:
5,600 lbf (25 kN) at 8,000 rpm
7,400 lbf (33 kN) with afterburner
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 2.60 (25.5 N/kg)
Maximum operating altitude: 50,000 ft (15,000 m)
Cost: US$46,000



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