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Anzani Y

Anzani inverted Y type aero engine in Deperdussin

Anzani was aware of the weight cost of the counterweight in the fan configuration and by December 1909 he had a symmetric 120° three-cylinder radial engine running. One example was a 3.1 litre (186 cu in) unit producing 22 kW (30 hp) at 1,300 rpm. Although termed the Y engine after its symmetric cylinder arrangement, it ran in an inverted Y position so that the plugs, mounted on the upper in-plane side of the two lower cylinders were less than 30° below the horizontal and less prone to oiling than one serving a piston at 180° from upright. Radials are smoother running than the less symmetric fan engines as well as lower weight but with the low power available from their three cylinders they had limited applications. They led, however, to Anzani's two-row radial engines, beginning with the 6-cyl radials, two Ys on a common crankshaft.


Blériot XI
Caproni-Pensuti triplane
Deperdussin Type A
Sikorsky BIS-2
Perry Beadle T.1

The restored and flyable Blériot XI, registry number N60094 at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome uses one of these Anzani three-cylinder "true radial" engines for its straight-line, short distance "hop" flights. Another Blériot XI, with British registration G-AANG, is allowed to fly similar short 'hops' at the Shuttleworth Collection. Its original "fan-type" Anzani three-cylinder engine is thought to be the oldest airworthy aircraft engine in the world. A 1910 Deperdussin monoplane that is also restricted to straight 'hops' uses a 'Y' type Anzani engine.



1912 'Y'


Channel flight engine

Type: 3-cylinder air-cooled fan
Bore: 100 mm (3.94 in)
Stroke: 150 mm (5.90 in)
Output: 30 hp
Displacement: 3.53 litres (216 cu in)
Dry weight: 65 kg (143 lb)
Valvetrain: Automatic inlet valves, mechanical exhaust valves driven from three separate cams in crankcase. One inlet, one exhaust per cylinder
Fuel system: Gronville and Arquembourg carburettor, mixing chamber in crankcase.
Oil system: Splash lubrication
Cooling system: Air, ribbed cylinders
Ignition: Battery ignition, one spark plug per cylinder



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