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Armstrong Siddeley Ounce

The Armstrong Siddeley Ounce was a small two-cylinder aero engine developed by Armstrong Siddeley in 1920. The engine was originally conceived as a test piece but ran very well and was put into production for early ultralight aircraft and use in target drones. The Ounce used two cylinders from the preceding Jaguar I radial engine.

Bristol Babe
R.A.E. Aerial Target

Type: Two cylinder, horizontally-opposed air cooled piston engine
Bore: 5.0 in (127 mm)
Stroke: 5.0 in (127 mm)
Displacement: 196 cu in (3.2 L)
Length: 20.5 in (521 mm)
Width: 39.5 in (1003 mm)
Height: 24.5 in (622 mm)
Dry weight: 170 lb (77 kg)
Valvetrain: Overhead valve
Fuel system: Carburettor
Cooling system: Air cooled
Power output: 45 hp (33.5 kW) at 1,500 rpm
Compression ratio: 5:1
Power-to-weight ratio: 0.26 hp/lb (0.43 kW/kg)




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