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Lycoming YF-102 / ALF 502
AlliedSignal ALF502
Honeywell ALF502

Lycoming ALF 502

The original YF102 was developed at the Lycoming Turbine Engine Division in Stratford, Connecticut by adding a fan to the Lycoming T55 engine, which was used as the gas generator. The YF102-LD-100 was tested on an AJ Savage in the early 1970s. Six engines were built for the Northrop YA-9 prototype ground-attack aircraft. These engines were later reused in the C-8A Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft (QSRA).

The ALF 502 geared turbofan was certified in 1980, and used on the British Aerospace 146 and Bombardier Challenger 600

The improved, higher-thrust LF 507 was used on the Avro RJ update of the BAe 146.


Northrop YA-9
C-8A Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft (QSRA)

ALF 502
Bombardier Challenger 600
British Aerospace 146

LF 507
Avro RJ


Type: High bypass geared turbofan
Length: 63.6 in (162 cm)
Diameter: Fan: 40.25 in (102 cm)
Dry weight: 1336 lb (606 kg)
Compressor: Single stage fan, single stage axial low pressure compressor, 7 stage axial and single stage centrifugal high pressure compressor
Combustors: Annular
Turbine: Two stage high pressure turbine, two stage low pressure turbine
Maximum thrust: 6,970 lbf (31 kN)
Bypass ratio: 5.7:1
Specific fuel consumption: 0.406 lb/lbf-h (41.4 kg/kN-hr)
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 5.1:1




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