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Garrett TPE331 / TSE331 / T76
Honeywell TPE331

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The Garrett AiResearch TPE331 is a turboprop engine originally designed by Garrett AiResearch, and produced under their new name Honeywell Aerospace since 1999.

The TPE331 originated in 1961 as a gas turbine (the "331") to power helicopters. It first went into production in 1963. More than 700 had been shipped by the end of 1973. It was designed to be both a turboshaft (TSE331) and a turboprop (TPE331), but the turboshaft version never went into production. Over 14,000 TPE331s have been sold since the first engine was produced in 1963, installed on the Aero Commander in 1964 and put into production on the Aero Commander Turbo Commander in June 1965.

The TPE331 family includes 18 models and 106 configurations, the engines range from 575 shaft horsepower to 1650 shp The military version is designated the T76.




The T76 single-shaft military turboprop derivative of the TSE331 turboshaft of the early 1960s has only one application in the Rockwell OV-10 Bronco counter-insurgency aircraft. Some OV-10A, B and C variants have been built with the T76-G-10 and -12 (handed for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation).
In October 1976 the OV-10D Night Observation Surveillance (NOS) variant of the OV-10A made its first flight, re-engined with the1,040 s.h.p. T76-G-420 and -421. A further 32 OV-10E and-10F Broncos were also ordered.
The configuration of the T76 is the same as that of the civil TPE331 except for the use of a chin intake rather than an above-the-gearbox inlet.


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Type: Single-shaft turboprop with integral gearbox
Length: 46 in (1168 mm),
Diameter: 21 in (533 mm)
Dry weight: 336 lb (153 kg)
Compressor: Two-stage centrifugal
Combustors: Reverse annular
Turbine: Three-stage axial
Maximum power output: 575 hp (429 kW)




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