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Xenoah C72C-C


Affected by an Arabian oil embargo, like many other countries Japan has felt the squeeze in private flying. One result was Xenoah's takeover by Kornatsu, which decided to go ahead with the development program of the G72C-C engine, since there was a growing homebuiit market developing in Japan itself.

The Xenoah C72C-C is a two-cycle, three-cylinder, in-line, air-cooled powerplant with three carburetors; it burns 100/130 octane av gas. Of 44.34 CID and a compression ratio of 71, the engine measures 22.2 inches long, 17.4 inches wide and 15.35 inches high. It comes with dual ignition, oil injection, starter, and engine mount.


The G72C-C weighs 157 pounds and is rated at maximum continuous 54 hp at 6080 rpm SL. The cruise rpm of 6080 requires a reduction unit for the propeller.
The G72C-C aircraft engine has been certified by both the FAA and Japan’s JCAB for use in homebuilts.



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