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Wasp Systems Wasp SP-Mk4


A powered hang glider harness, built by Chris Taylor in the UK in 2007.
The SP-4 uses quality fittings, and the best buckles on the market. It is electric start, with the master switch and start button neatly fitted in the ends of the two main tubes of the frame. Has its own charger, tip protectors and carbon propellor.
Comes with a Radne engine and fits a Vittorazzi of more power.
To launch you start off with a mouth throttle (which has a safety microswitch fitted), and then as soon as you are comfortably airborne, you swap over to the foot throttle. Climb in, zip up and enjoy the ride.
It has a pouch for an emergency parachute. Pockets for all sorts, including your radio, a large storage area inside the main pod for those long x-countries.



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