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TM Designs Porche 914


An aircraft conversion for the automotive VW Type IV Porsche 914 engine, normally used aboard the VW 411, VW 412, late-model VW buses and the Porsche 914. This conversion offers an oil filter, oil cooler, starter, alternator and vibration-type mounts.

The prototype Porsche engine is a standard-displacement 1800cc VW 412 powerplant. Parts are available to increase the CID, plus a Posa carburetor of the fuel-injection type to replace the 29mm injector. Also, you can obtain plans for modifying the intake manifold slightly.

1800cc engine
Bore: 93mm
Stroke: 66mm
CID: 1793cc
Compression: 8.21
Firing Order: 1-4-3-2
Min. Octane Fuel: 90
Dry Weight: 1951 lb
Fuel Consumption: 4 gph
Alternator Output: 7 amps
SAE hp at rpm: 108 at 3800rpm
Torque ft/lb  at rpm: 108 at 3800
Ignition System: 1 magneto
Fuel Induction: 1 injector



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