Supermarine Aircraft V6


Supermarine Aircraft spent five years developing the V6 and then the V8. Both have been test flown by CEO Mike O’Sullivan. The Motec ECU works in Real Time meaning that it is reading sensor on the engine to work out timing and air fuel ratio to give peak performance and maximum engine life.  This eliminates the pilots need to lean or enrich the fuel mixture as it is always at its optimal mixture.   The ECU also has pre-programmed map as a redundancy system or limp home mode.  All engines are run in the factory before shipping and data logged this also means that diagnostics can be done on the engines with a laptop computer.

Based on the V6 Isuzu Quad Cam, the engine is water cooled, wet sump lubrication, dual ignition and fuel injected . Electric start is fitted, and dual electric fuel pumps, mill spec wirings and plugs.

The Supermarine 6 Cylinder Engine Package includes:
1. Brand new Isuzu 3.5L V6 crate Motor modified by Supermarine
2. Supermarine PSRU assembly and Hub(SAE6)
3. Complete wiring with all switches and circuit breakers
4. Pre-programmed Motec ECU
5. All StSt Fuel lines with fire sleeve
6. All aircraft grade Fuel lines fittings
7. All fuel pumps, regulator and filters
8. All radiator hoses in silicon long life
9. Water header tank and over flow bottle
10. Starter motor and alternator
11. Oil cooler and lines
12. StSt 12 Pod Exhausts
13. Engine mount and hardware

This PSRU is a Supermarine Aircraft design for our engine packages with thousands of hours testing and flying in the field with no failures.  Main housing is cast aluminium and all internal components are machined from billet aluminium with extremely Close tolerances of 0.005”

Displacement: 3.5L
Width: 610mm
Length: 630mm
Height: 800mm
Weight: 160KG Dry
Horsepower: 260 H/P 320H/P (S/C)
Torque: 317FPT(S/C)
Bore: 93.4mm
Stroke: 85mm
Compression Ratio: 9.1:1
Directional Rotation of prop Shaft: Clockwise-Pilot’s view
Oil: Castrol 0W-40
Oil Capacity: 5.3L
Oil Pressure: 70 psi
Fuel: 100LL / 98 Oct Mogas
Fuel Consumption: 28L/PH 65% throttle

Supermarine 6 Cylinder PSRU
Weight: 30KG Dry
Horsepower Rated: 350 H/P
Torque: 582 FPT
Reduction Ratio: 1.82to 1 (Other available)
Hub STD: SAE6 (SAE2 also available at extra cost)
Oil: H-36161
Oil Capacity: 500mL