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Paratoys Paratoys II


The paratoys glider is claimed to be the easiest launching glider ever made for powered paragliding. This glider's handlinghas the safety of a DHV1 designed glider, and will suit the true beginner and the advanced pilot.

The Paratoys paraglider is fully certified in the Afnor Standard category (beginner/intermediate rated/certified in size 28). Features include single A's for easy riser handling both in forwards and reverses, sewn in super strong rare earth magnets for no collection of debris and positive brake hook up, heavy lines for paramotoring, clearly marked A and D risers, and swivels on brake lines to prevent tangling.

Price per Unit 2009: $2,495.00


ParaToys II 25m
Hook in weight: 70-90 kg

ParaToys II 28m

Hook in weight: 86-110 kg

ParaToys II 30m
Hook in weight: 100-131kg

ParaToys II 33m
Hook in weight: 115-145kg

ParaToys II 36m
Hook in weight: 130-215kg

ParaToysII 42m
Hook in weight: 145-225kg



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