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ParaPlane PSE / PSE-1 / PSE-2 Osprey

PSE-2 Osprey


The PSE-1 was designed by Dan Thompson and was only sold to the military.

Scott Kelly (ParaPlane Corporation 1983-1994) designed the PSE-2 for ParaPlane Cooperation and put it into production.

PSE-SF was the Special Forces version of the PSE-2 and 12 were delivered for Operation Desert Storm.

PSE-WD was a highly modified version of the PSE-2 that was made exclusively for Disney World.

The PSE-2 (named Osprey) was advertised circa 1998 as manufactured in the USA and supplied as a completely assembled trike style powered parachute. The rectangular ram air parachute has a zero porosity silicon coating. Electric start was included, and powder coating optional.

Engine: Rotax 503, 46 hp
Height: 6.5 ft
Length: 6.5 ft
Wing span: 30.6 ft
Wing area: 370 sq.ft
Empty weight: 235 lb
Gross weight: 554 lb
Fuel capacity: 4.9 USG
Cruise: 28 mph
Range: 25 sm
Rate of climb: 650 fpm
Service ceiling: 7,500 ft
Takeoff dist: 150 ft
Landing dist: 100 ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: nose wheel


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