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After “countless” prototypes and two years of experimenting, this high performance wing for powered flight came to replace the popular Action and it is introduced as an “all in one wing” for both powered and gliding flight. The Action GT has a wide speed range, with a top speed of 65k/h and high stability thanks to a new “highly sophisticated” reflex aerofoil section, manipulated by a unique semi-ridged trim and intricate D-line gathering system. The Action GT incorporates a centre keel that combined with the lines lay out allow weight shift “without wing distortion whilst giving excellent directional stability and a stiff, controllable structure”, according to Paramania. The keel also re-directs the span wise airflow, reducing drag and further enhancing performance. Another new feature is the inner ribs structure with inclined oval holes for better load distribution and diagonal rib shaping, which gives a “super smooth” top surface. The Action GT from Mike Campbell-Jones offers extremely smooth, precise and efficient handling to “carve your way through the air”. The Action GT was available in 3 sizes that cover the weight range from 65 to 175 kg, and 2 color schemes.


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