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Mk.IV 17


Pacific Windcraft (USA) became part of Airwave circa 1983, from Pacific Airwave to PacAir.
The Pacific Airwave Vision, an intermediate DSTI, was built alo by Airwave from 1983 for advanced pilots.
Airwave Vision
The 1987 Hiway Hang Gliders (1983) Vision 5 was been designed in such away that it can be tuned by way of a variable geometry facility so as to be suitable for the beginner to develop his or her flying skills right from initial downhill glides, through first soaring flights to cross country performance all on the same machine. Adjustments are quick and easy.
1987 Hiway Hang Gliders (1983) Vision 5


The Airwave Vision 4 1988 Intermediate glider was an excellent all round recreational glider, very maneuverable, with performance somewhat better than single surface models. Its only failing is lack of glide ratio at high speeds, although this can be an advantage when landing in tight fields. Its maneuverability allows it to take advantage of small areas of lift that higher performance “stiffer” wings cannot. It was easy to set up, launch, thermal, and land. It had an elevated king post hang-point for easy roll control. It had great static balance and was a light glider.
Airwave Vision 4
The Vision MkIV has no keel pocket.
There was also a Vision biplace ("Double Vision").
Hiway Hang Gliders (1983) Ltd has offerd the Vision 18, designed by Pacific Windcraft, along with the Excalibur and Explorer2.
Hiway Hang Gliders (1983) Vision
The 1983 Hiway Hang Gliders (1983) Vision was a new Concept to meet the demands of the novice pilot. Designed by Pacific Windcraft in the States and manufactured by Hiway in Europe, the Vision takes the pilot from beginner to expert all on the same glider. In its loosest setting this new design is as docile and predictable as a Super Scorpion. Tighten it up, to get the performance of thoroughbred CFX machine.This glider may be identified by having rigging adjusters on the flying wires (not on the Vision V). The Hiway Vision was priced at £897.00.
Hiway Vision
The great feature of the Hiway Vision 18 wing was the variable geometry which would allow the flight, according to the adjustement, for novice pilots as well as the confirmed ones.
The 1989 Hiway Vision 5 intermediate glider was a well balanced glider having floater style handling and easy take off and landing characteristics.Only downside is that it weighs more than a lot of more modern intermediates and the sink rate goes up as the bar is pulled in more than a modest amount however this characteristic is useful for getting into a small field. A great glider for relaxed flying.
Airwave Vision 4 17
Wing area: 15.33 m²
Wing span: 9.3 m
Aspect ratio: 5.74
Hang glider weight: 27 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 52 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 88 kg
Number of battens: 18
Nose angle: 122°
USHGA rating: 2-4
Stall: 25 mph
VNE: 46 mph
Load limits: positive 53 mph@ 30 degrees / -negitive 36 mph@ -30 degrees
Airwave Vision 4 19
Wing area: 16.9 m²
Wing span: 9.9 m
Aspect ratio: 5.83
Hang glider weight: 29 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 120 kg
Number of battens: 20
Nose angle: 122°
USHGA rating: 2-4
Stall: 25 mph
VNE: 46 mph
Load limits: positive 53 mph@ 30 degrees / -negitive 36 mph@ -30 degrees
Airwave Vision 4
Wing area: 20 m²
Wing span: 10.9 m
Hang glider weight: 28 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 75 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 190 kg
Packed length: 6.2 m
Packed length short: 4 m
Number of battens: 19
Nose angle: 127°
Hiway Vision 18
Wing area: 15.8 m²
Wing span: 9.4 m
Aspect ratio: 5.7
Hang glider weight: 25 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 55 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 88 kg
Packed length short: 3.65 m
Nose angle: 122°
Hiway Vision 5 145
Packed length: 5.50 m
Number of battens: 18
Hiway Vision 5 172
Packed length: 5.50 m
Number of battens: 18
Hiway Vision 5 188
Packed length: 5.50 m
Number of battens: 18


Sail Area: 165 sq. ft
Glider Weight: 59 lbs
Pilot Hook-in Weight: 115 - 195 lbs
Skill Level: Novice
SS/DS: Double Surface
KP/TL: Kingpost
VG: No



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