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Ozone Viper


The Viper is a paramotor wing for expert pilots who fly in high level competitions and make advanced XC flights. This wing is an advanced competition glider designed for highly experienced pilots only. The Viper is a paramotor specific wing that has stability at high speed and the high maneuverability and handling of a normal paraglider.
Developed in cooperation with Mathieu Rouanet, World Champion 2005, the high top speed, low sink rate and high efficiency of the Viper gives lower fuel consumption and longer, faster flights. The handling is direct and precise, with clear feedback. Launching is simple due to the benign inflation characteristics.

This Viper is an Open Class wing, and load tested to 1607kg on average, which means 11.5G for the 27 and 14G for the 24.

The Ozone Roadster and Viper both feature a customized Ozone Reflex Profile (OZRP) that has been tuned specifically for powered flight. The OZRP is what gives the Roadster and Viper their stability at high speed and collapse resistance in turbulent air.

This special airfoil design provides constant lift in a wider range of angles of attack. When you apply speed-bar or fly with the glider accelerated at a lower angle of attack, the RP takes effect and provides continuous lift and heightened stability.

Through carefully moderating the shape and amount of curve in the OZRP, a balance that provides increased lift at extreme angles of attack, while still retaining excellent launch characteristics and stall resistance has been achieved.

The Viper is constructed with Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution 45, and comes standard with the Ozone Paramotor Risers which feature double hang points and a reinforced trimming system.

Viper 24
Cells: 59
Flat Area: 24.5 sq.m
Projected Area: 21.0 sq.m
Flat Span: 12.24 m
Projected Span: 9.78 m
Flat Aspect Ratio: 6.11
Projected Aspect Ratio: 4.54
Root chord: 2.50 m
Glider weight: 11.9lb
In flight weight range: 80-115 kg
Recommended weight: 95-105 kg
Load test: Yes

Viper 27

Cells: 59
Flat Area: 27.5 sq.m
Projected Area: 23.6 sq.m
Flat Span: 12.97 m
Projected Span: 10.36 m
Flat Aspect Ratio: 6.11
Projected Aspect Ratio: 4.54
Root chord: 2.65 m
Glider weight: 13lb
In flight weight range: 100-140 kg
Recommended weight: 115-125 kg
Load test: Yes


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