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Ozone Mojo / Mojo Power


The Mojo has been in the DHV 1 category since its inception, as a solid, stable, and easy glider for beginning paramotor pilots. The Mojo Power, with DULV certification, is for the first phase of paramotoring.

The Mojo Power has long brake travel, but the handling is direct enough for more experienced pilots to appreciate, while still remaining forgiving enough for new beginners. The progressive nature of the Mojo Power’s handling makes for great turning behavior with or without weight-shift. High stability in pitch and roll creates an overall feeling of comfort and safety in flight, however the glider does provide the pilot with feedback, in amounts comfortable and subtle enough for new pilots. The sink rate and handling of the Mojo Power mean that beginning pilots will not outgrow this wing too soon.

The Mojo Power is constructed with Gelvenor cloth on its top surface, and Porcher Sport bottom surface and internal ribs. It comes standard with Ozone Paramotor Risers which feature double hang points, reinforced trimming system, and trimmer lock-off for free flight.


Ozone Mojo 2 Small


Cells: 39
Projected Area: 23.63 sq.m
Flat Area: 27.40 sq.m
Projected Span: 9.33 sq.m
Flat Span: 11.73 m
Projected Aspect Ratio: 3.68
Flat Aspect Ratio: 5.02
Root Chord: 2.95 m
Glider Weight: 12 lb
Weight Range: 176-264 lb
DHV: 1

Cells: 39
Projected Area: 25.55 sq.m
Flat Area: 29.70 sq.m
Projected Span: 9.69 sq.m
Flat Span: 12.18 m
Projected Aspect Ratio: 3.68
Flat Aspect Ratio: 5.02
Root Chord: 3.07 m
Glider Weight: 13 lb
Weight Range: 209-297 lb
DHV: 1


Mojo 2 Small
Pilot weight: 65-85kg







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