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Ozone Magnum


A completely new tandem wing designed for professional tandem pilots, the Magnum replaces the McDaddy in the Ozone range. Easy and smooth inflation even in high winds is one of its advantages, but the manufacturer also underlines its stability in pitch and roll for comfortable flights, and the “trademark Ozone handling for precise and dynamic piloting”.

It has a size of 41 sq.m, an aspect ratio of 5.11 and 46 cells, for a clean sail design and efficient performance, with benign launch characteristics and a lightweight sail design.

The Magnum's profile is a new design, and both the planform and sail tension have been created specially for comfortable brake pressure, easy launches, and performance, according to Ozone. The canopy is made of Porcher Marine cloth, with the new Porcher Skytex 45 Evolution on the topsail, a new material “extremely durable” and stretch resistant, for a more precise feeling in flight and a more durable glider. Weight range for the Magnum is 130-220kg.



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