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Ozone Mc Daddy / Mc Daddy Jr.


Ozone have certified their tandem glider for lightweight pilots, the Mc Daddy "Jr", or 41. They decided to make a smaller size for their tandem model in order to offer the pilots a wing "that will best suit their normal pay load, the conditions they normally fly in and the type of flying they do, whether it be purely pleasure or commercial flying". This idea makes perfect sense with Ozone's philosophy: "Size matters!".

The weight range for the Mc Daddy 41 goes from 130 to 200kg, and the Mc Daddy 44, from 140 to 230kg. According to Ozone, the glider is very easy to fly and launch, with no tendency to overshoot or pull the pilot off his feet as the wing rises. "The handling is pretty bloody good for a tandem. It's dynamic, you can really through it around and the brake pressure is relatively light so it's good fun to fly. Performance wise it has enough. Faster than the Cosmic with a better glide should be sufficient for anybody", says Ozone's designer Rob Whittal. The Mc Daddy 44 was yet to be certified.



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