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Nova Tatoo


Circa 2005, the Tattoo is Nova's replacement for the Aeron in the DHV2 class. Nova talks of easier handling, better climb in weak lift, slightly improved performance and all in a package aimed in the middle of DHV2. No special techniques needed with inflation and launch; just a gentle pull on the "A's" and, despite rising pretty quickly, it comes to a rapid halt overhead. If inflated slightly out of wind it settles overhead easily. Collapsing was better done on "D" risers than brakes, but presents no problems. The small Tattoo is rated for the 80-100kg weight range The brake input needed is on the short side of average. Pushing the bar through the sink is light pressure and short travel, (27cm for full acceleration). The glider isn't particularly floaty and prefers to carve turns in well defined lift. The glider felt solid with good pitch stability. The liveliness in roll is generally a positive thing. The Tatoo uses a lighter grade Gelvenor cloth and the skinny risers. All the stitching is fine but the sail isn't quite as wrinkle-free as the cleanest cut gliders. Nova has produced an absolute beauty in the Tattoo. It has excellent glide at trim and on the bar. The sink rate is good and the thermalling ability is excellent. The inflation and launch are sweet, but best of all is the handling.

Seats: 1
DHV: 2
Glide: 9-1



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