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Nova Radon

The Nova Artax is a member of the Radon family, which is made up of the Artax [1-2], Aeron [2] and Radon [some sizes 2 but others could be 2-3]. All the gliders have a similar diagonal rib and line layout, but with number of cells and aspect ratio increasing as you go up the range. Work on these started round about the end of 2001 but was slightly held up by a change of material choice for the construction of the glider.

Nova also make a two DHV1 gliders, one for use within the school [Phorus] and a top end 1 for new club pilots called the Pheron.

Nova use Gelvenor OLKS siliconised PU coated nylon for the top surface, some parts of the bottom surface and Porcher Skytex 9052 for the rest of the undersurface. Suspended and diagonal ribs are Skytex 9092 with the hard, low stretch finish, and unsuspended ribs are 9052. Riser material is black 25mm webbing, except for the 15mm baby A riser, woven by Güth and Wolf. Lines are Liros. The glider has a three riser system with split As, for those who prefer a standard [non-split] A riser this is available to special order or as a retrofit. The glider has a system of diagonal ribs, & compression straps across A, B & C line attachment points. There is full span compression strap across what would be the D line attachment points; there is no D riser and the lines attached here branch backward from the upper end of the middle cascade of the C lines. In the centre of the canopy there is a further cascade rearwards to what would be an "E" attachment point.

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