North Wing Aircraft Quest


The strutted Quest GT4 is designed for two place trikes with a gross load rating of 990 lbs. The Quest GT4 is designed for the Sport X2 · Apache and Sport X2 · Navajo two-place trikes.  The Quest GT4 wing can attach to any trike using the Universal Mount.  

As a descendent of the Contour wing, the Quest's ability to fly cross-country and handle turbulence well has been improved after eighteen months of design research. The Quest GT4 is a highly refined, strutted wing capable of a 40mph range of speed from stall to top speed.  

All aircraft hardware and materials tested to required aircraft strength. Parts and tubing are aircraft quality, all made in the U.S.A.

Quest GT4 13.5

Wing Weight: 119 lbs.
Gross Weight: 990 lbs.
Wing Area: 148 square feet
Span: 31.5 feet
Aspect Ratio: 6.7 : 1
Double Surface: 80%
Frame: 6061 / 7075
Sail - main body: 8 oz. Stabilized Dacron
Number of Ribs – top: 23
Number of Ribs – lower: 10
Rib Material: 7075-T6
Stall speed: 32 mph
Trim speed: 50-60 mph
Top speed: 80 mph
Vne: 85 mph