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North Wing Aircraft T2 Tandem


The T2 Tandem Hang Glider has effortless handling qualities and an excellent sink rate. The airframe is constructed with a combination of 7075, 6061 and 6063 T6 aluminium alloys.

The following operating flight limitations are stipulated in the North Wing T2 Owner’s Manual:
Va speed: 37+/-2 mph
Maximum speed: 41+/-2 mph
Vne speed: 47 mph
Pitch angle no greater than 30 degrees up or down
Bank angle no greater than 60 degrees left or right


Supports very fast take-off even at full load. Very manoeuvrable with surprisingly precise steering, rises well in thermal, accumulates energy and makes it well to provide strong sensation to the passenger. Allows to make small flairs when landing. A single defect, it is heavy.


Double surface: 35%
USHPA Rating: 3
Wing Area 215 sq.ft / 20 m²
Glider Weight 68 lb / 31 kg
Span 34.9 feet / 10.6 m
Aspect Ratio 5.7
Frame 7075 & 6061
Control Frame 70 inches tall
Number of Ribs 16
Rib Material 7075 & 6061

Pilot "Hook-in" weight 220 - 450 lb / 99-204 kg





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