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North Wing Aircraft Stratus


The North Wing Stratus light-trike wing is designed for optimal performance on the ATF Soaring Trike.  The Stratus has a new wing, designed for improved sink rate and glide, and allows you to shut down your engine with confidence.  The state-of-the-art airfoil and a streamlined kingpost ensures you will have great glide as well.  The Stratus uses stability technology from the topless hang gliders to improve performance. By using only one bridle line and an outboard sprog (washout strut), we have achieved excellent pitch stability while reducing drag.  The efficient airfoil used by the North Wing Stratus provides superb acceleration through turbulence, while displaying very docile flight characteristics in yaw and pitch.  The Stratus shows excellent stall parameters straight ahead and in turns.  

Stratus 17
Speed Range: 21 - 47 mph
Trim: 28 mph
Wing Area: 182 square feet
Span: 34.5 feet
Aspect Ratio: 6.6 : 1
Double Surface: 75%
Nose Angle: 132
Number of Ribs – top: 21
Number of Ribs – lower: 8
Rib Material: 7075-T6



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