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Moyes Malibu



Moyes created the new primary single surface Malibu open frame floater hang glider. The Malibu offers an airframe built from 7075 aluminium tube, covered with a 4oz dacron sail.  The sail is shaped and supported by 15 battens made from 7075 aluminium as well as a leading edge insert manufactured from Mylar and foam.  Effort has been made to ensure the sail design is efficient, and capable of flying in very light conditions.

The sail design offers a number of stock colour designs, or optionally choose your own colour combination if desired.  The standard Moyes Malibu is delivered with round uprights and a straight round base bar.  Options include aerodynamic uprights and a round speed bar.

The Malibu offers an extremely slow stall speed with an extremely forgiving and progressive stall.  Tip stalls are almost impossible and the glider is very easy to recover from most difficult situations.  


The Malibu 2 for novice pilots appeared in 2008. By 2014 the price was near 4000 euros.


As of April 2010, the 166 square foot size has been flight tested and should be available

Malibu 166

Area: 15.4 sq.m (166 sq.ft.)
Hook-In-Weight: 60-80 kgs (130-175 lbs)

Malibu 188
Area: 17.5 sq.m (188 sq.ft.)
Span: 10.1 m (33.1 ft)
Nose Angle: 120.5 degrees
Aspect Ratio: 5.8
Glider Weight: 26 kgs (57 lbs)
Optimal Pilot Weight: 85 kgs (187 lbs)
Hook-In-Weight: 73-110 kgs (161-243 lbs)
Packed Length: 5950 mm (19.5 ft)
Packed Length – Short: 4000 mm (13.1 ft)
Centre of Gravity (Front of Keel): 1750 mm (68.9 inches)
Number of Battens Top: 15
Number of Battens Bottom: 0
VNE: 74 kph (46 mph)
VA: 55 kph (34 mph)
Trim Speed: 32 kph (20 mph)
Stall Speed: 22 kph (14 mph)
Maximum Speed: 65 kph (40 mph)
Best Glide Speed: 38 kph (24 mph)
Best Glide Angle: 9.5:1


Malibu 190
Wing area: 17.7 m²
Wing span: 10.1 m
Aspect ratio: 5.7
Minimum pilot weight: 68 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 110 kg
Nose angle: 118°
Malibu 2 188



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