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Moyes Max



The MAX has been designed for the recreational pilot who wants to enjoy the relaxing qualities of flight but still demands a high performance wing. By incorporating a variable geometry system the MAX has been designed to provide a combination of easy handling and high performance glide.

Intermediate pilots flying the Moyes MAX will enjoy the versatility of a tunable wing that is easy to control during take off and landings.

The MAX also exhibits excellent low speed performance which enables it to climb easier while thermalling. Whether in soaring or in cross country flight, the MAX is the all purpose glider.

MAX 157
Hang glider circa 1998.
Wing area: 14.6 sq.m
Certification: DHV 2/USHGA
Pilot weight: 50-95 kg
Wing span: 9.8 m
Nose Angle: 125 deg
Aspect ratio: 6.6


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