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When Enterprise Wings was wound up it appears the Enterprise Wings "Rage" plans were sold/given to Moyes and became the Moyes Max. The Moyes Max single-place hang glider was designed and produced by Moyes Delta Gliders of Botany, New South Wales, Australia, in the mid-2000s. When it was available the aircraft was supplied complete and ready-to-fly.
The Max was developed as an intermediate-level hang glider, incorporating a variable geometry system. The Max is made from aluminum tubing, with the 70% double-surface wing covered in Dacron sailcloth. Available in only one size, the Max 157, its 9.82 m (32.2 ft) span wing is cable braced from a single kingpost.
The circa 1998 MAX has been designed for the recreational pilot who wants to enjoy the relaxing qualities of flight but still demands a high performance wing. By incorporating a variable geometry system the MAX has been designed to provide a combination of easy handling and high performance glide.

Intermediate pilots flying the Moyes MAX will enjoy the versatility of a tunable wing that is easy to control during take off and landings.

The MAX also exhibits excellent low speed performance which enables it to climb easier while thermalling. Whether in soaring or in cross country flight, the MAX is the all purpose glider.
The Max is not a hands-off glider. It is roll unstable and care is needed when landing transitioning from the basebar to the uprights, or it will climb unexpectedly. Also needs an aggressive flair with hands about shoulder height, as the manual states as it comes in almpost as quick as an advanced glider. Once you consider these techniques its all round a very safe and fun glider to fly.
MAX 157
Wingspan: 9.82 m (32 ft 3 in)
Wing area: 14.5 sq.m (156 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 6.6:1
Empty weight: 26 kg
Gross weight: 140 kg (309 lb)
Pilot hook-in weight: 50-95 kg
Nose angle: 125°
Number of battens: 18
Certification: DHV 2/USHGA

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