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Moyes Mars

The 1984 Moyes Mars are very lightweight gliders with docile handling (even for a single surface glider). They have locked crossbars, predating the floating crossbar, and need to be flat rigged because of this. The hang straps slide to the front of the keel when de-rigged and are held to the crossbar junction by a strap when rigged. Failure to connect this strap can prove fatal.
Mars 150
Wing area: 14.6 m²
Wing span: 6.6 m
Hang glider weight: 22 kg
Nose angle: 120°
Mars 170
Wing area: 15.75 m²
Wing span: 8.84 m
Hang glider weight: 24 kg
Maximum flying weight: 122 kg
Nose angle: 125°

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