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Muse 2

This is a glider for new pilots or those looking for “easy life in the air”. The Muse 2 has 39 cells and an elliptically shaped canopy with an aspect ratio of 4.65. The classic construction with diagonal V-tapes and a system of load-bearing tapes gives canopy stability and helps to keep a clean profile. Line configuration remains the same as the Muse 1 with an additional E-line. The Muse 2 has lively handling but at Mac Para say that the canopy is well damped in all axes. It has light brake pressure to allow “pleasant turns” during long flights, but the pressure increases progressively to offer a good safety margin. According to the manufacturer, is “a well balanced glider with simple take-off characteristics and easy behaviour during extreme manoeuvres”. The Muse 2 was available in 5 sizes.

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