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After the success of their Magus protos in the Europeans, very well handled by top pilots like female Champion Petra Krausova and Thomas Brauner (3rd overall), Mac Para announces the release of the Magus 5. The new race machine benefits from the results of 8 different prototypes flown by test pilots during this season, and one of the main differences with the Magus 4 is a higher aspect ratio and less lines. Protos with 3 and 4 row line systems were tested and compared, and the 4-lines system proved to offer better characteristics. The Magus 5 has a similar planform to its predecessor “with very small changes”, a new airfoil and different wingtips. The result is a glider with “very good climbing performance, good stability, extraordinary gliding, and high maximum speed according to Mac Para. The Magus 5 will be available in four sizes to cover a weight range from 75 to 130 kg.

The Magus XC is a high performance glider designed for Cross Country flights that should only be flown by experienced pilots. MacPara has transformed experience from Magus series developments into serial class of high performance paragliders.

The Magus XC has an aspect ratio of 6.2. Use of Magus 5´s airfoils give the paraglider an excellent glide performance both at trim and on accelerated flight. Magus XC inflates very easily and has pleasant ground handling characteristics. The reinforcement flap system in the centre of canopy combined with the bunching system on the wing tips give precise handling with outstanding climbing performance. Just a short brake input is needed for a flat turn. This brake system pulls together a part of the trailing edge when applying the brakes. The handling is precise in turns with average presure and not tiring even on long flights.

Best glide can be achieved with released brakes. The maximum speed measured with a high wing loading is 52-54 km/h. This is less then competition glider Magus 5 but the reduction of max. speed has lead to softer reactions by asymetric colapses of 70% on accelerated flight. Spiral dive is easy to enter. The Magus XC is not spiral stable, meaning that the glider exits the spiral when the pilot releases the brakes and returns his weight-shift to a neutral position.

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