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Mac Para Pasha


A biplace Pasha II is certified DHV 1-2. Development of this replacement for Pasha took more than a year, and the final result is a classic construction, with every second rib attached to lines, and diagonal tapes. The handling and performance were kept similar to the first one; with some improvements like its new airfoil shape specially developed for easy take-offs, stable glider and light brakes, according to the Team at Mac Para. The weight range goes from 140 to 220 kg, glide is around 8,3 and the size is about 42 sq.m.

Pasha 3

The Pasha 3 is a tandem wing for both professional and recreational tandem pilots. With easy take-off and great landing behaviour the glider is well suited to commercial use.  Its excellent performance combined with light and precise handling will delight cross-country pilots.

The Pasha 3 is an elliptical canopy with 54 cells and flat aspect ratio of 5.35. Mac Para use their “Pg” software to aid design, giving cleaner sails and offering less drag to improved glide performance. The classic construction with diagonal V-tapes and a system of de-powering lines and tapes gives the canopy stability and helps maintain a clean profile. Lines are attached to every second rib and this construction allows the lines to be reduced to two tiers except at the wing tip. To improve the sink rate in big ears a wide area of the surface is attached to the outermost lines and those lines are reduced to three tiers. A simple line layout employing 3 A, B and C and 2 D main lines allows easy preparation prior to take off. The Pasha 3 has a 5 point riser including a trimmer system with claw buckles. Additionally the risers are split to facilitate Big Ears. The positioning of the outermost A line makes progressive closure easy. The Pasha 3 is equipped as standard with brake handles with a swivel and magnetic clips. Velcro closures on the wingtips make access easier to remove any sand, grass or small stones from the glider.

Like the Pasha 2 the glider inflates very easily in all conditions even in a light, nil or cross wind. The Pasha 3 has pleasant ground handling characteristics. The canopy does not over-shoot the pilot. It takes only a few steps with lightly applied brakes to fly. The Pasha 3 is very stable in flight with good speed even when lightly loaded. The handling is precise in turns and not tiring even on long flights thanks to the trailing edge bunching brake system. This brake system pulls together the trailing edge when applying the brakes. Just a short brake input is needed for a flat turn. Trimmers offer you more safety and control of speed when you have a lighter passenger or when the wind is strong. Maximum speed can be achieved with released trimmers. The maximum speed measured with a high wing loading is 42-43km/h. Spiral dive is easy to enter. The Pasha 3 is not spiral stable, meaning that the glider exits the spiral when the pilot releases the brakes and returns his weight-shift to a neutral position. The exit is quite simple and the pitch remains well damped. The landing is the biggest improvement when compared to the Pasha 2. The flare is with good control of speed. With good piloting you do not need to takea step forward when landing, specially if you open the trimmers before landing.
The Pasha 3 is available in sizes 38 sq.m and 42 sq.m.

Price 2009: $3,800.00



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