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La Mouette Top Secret / Tsunami




The Top Secret was foot launched hang glider for advanced pilots with a rigid composite “D-shaped” leading edge. It has carbon composite foldable ribs, which are attached to the rigid leading edge. The left and right wing are hinged together so that they can easily be folded for easy carriage. The sailcloth is fixed on the leading edge by Velcro straps. At the trailing edge, they are attached to the end of the ribs using straps. The sails came in 2 pieces for each wing. The top and bottom surface rest on the ribs solely by the tension between the attach points at the leading edge and trailing edge. For the first prototype, Mylar was used to make the sail. Dacron can also be used. The sail was stitched at La Mouette. Mylar was chosen for the first prototype because it is difficult to stretch and hence can be used as template for the subsequent Dacron sail.
Top Secret has an aspect ratio of 7.96 and a span of 11 meters. It also has a sweepback of 20˚ at the leading edge. The D-shaped leading edge is made of carbon composite material Dyneema. Layers of Dyneema were put into wooden molds and epoxy resin applied under vacuum without autoclave. The part was subcontracted to Dyn Aero, Dijon, France. The ribs are of rectangular cross section bars made of carbon fiber outer layer and foam core. These are also made at Dyn Aero.
The keel is made from Aluminium Alloy AU4G. It consists of tubes and sheet metals. All fabrications were done in house at La Mouette. Cables are standard stainless steel. The trapeze bar is also made of Aluminium Alloys. In house trapeze bar and cables common to other hang gliders manufactured at La Mouette are used throughout.
Roll control is by spoilers. The spoilers consist of a flat composite plate. An envelope shroud for the spoiler is stitched on the top surface of the sailcloth. The flat plate fits inside the pouch and is activated by a system of cables and pulleys linked to the control bar. Flat composite boards were fabricated at Dyn Aero using vacuum techniques. Flaps are also provided. It also consists of a flat composite plate enclosed in an envelope stitched to the sailcloth. It can be activated by a cable system linked to the control bar.
The control bar is of a standard triangular shape and the pilot is suspended from the keel in the classical prone position of normal hang gliders. Control is by weight shift and also spoilers. The flaps and spoilers have a system of springs to return them to their original position.
The Top Secret was named Tsunami after some minor changes.The Top Secret with the Tsunami twist has a carbon T tail, D sections and control frame. Turning is fast for spoilerons.
Weight: 37.5 kg
Wing span: 14.0 m
Wing area: 15.2 sq.m
Vne: 115 km
Stall: 28km
Vzmin: 0.8 m/sec
Price (1998) 56000 FF
Wing area: 14 m²
Wing span: 13 m
Aspect ratio: 11.66
Minimum pilot weight: 68 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 108 kg
Minimum sink rate: 0.7 m/s
Packed length: 5.6 m
Nose angle: 127°

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