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JAI Stealth
The JAI Stealth-13 is a sports and competition hang glider. Only one example was built, in 2005. The JAI Stealth-13 was built by the hang glider club "Ikar" of the Aviation Institute Kharkiv.
The Stealth-14 new deltaplane is a mast version of the Stealth KPL 2-14 model, built in series by Eros. The new model has a mast with longitudinal and transverse tensioners, but maintains the anti-dive equipment inside the wing.
2003 Stealth-14
In January 2003 Eros successfully tested the experimental Stealth 14, designed and built by the Club of Deltaplanos "Ikar" of the Aviation Institute Kharkiv.
The performance of this model is between the Stealth 14 mast model and the original Stealth KPL 2-14, being lighter than its predecessor. The new model is more maneuverable due to its lower moment of inertia. By using a low trapeze your landing is smoother.
At least six copies of the Stealth-14 were built. Three of them for specific clients (one was kept in Ukraine and another two were sold to Russia, flying in Voronezh and Ufa).
The cost of a Stealth-JAI ranged between 1600 and 2000 euros, depending on the wing cover, the composition of the structure and the packaging conditions.



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