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JAI Studient
Studient-16 Zilioni (Green)
The JAI Studient-16 (Russian: ХАИ Студент-16) was developed in the Club of Deltaplanos "Ikar" of the Aviation Institute Kharkiv.
Designed by JAI graduate Sergei Serguyev in 1998, at least five copies have been manufactured, of which three were sold to private hands after several years of operation.
The model had its rebirth in 2013 when the example known as “Proto” was built, followed later by “Super-new”.
The first Studient 16 was built in 1998 and named Zilioni (Green). It was the main training apparatus between 1999 and 2010. The hang glider was modified in 2004. It was sold in Voronezh in 2010.
The second Studient 16, named Shtil (Calm), was built in 2005. It was sold in Azerbaijan in April 2013 to a private club run by Jafarov Ilgar.
Studient-16 Shtil (Calm)
The third Studient 16, Novi (New), was built in 2009. It was sold in Odessa in August 2013 to Sania Sirosh.
Studient-16 Novi (New)
The fourth Studient 16, Proto, was built in 2013. On this newly created deltaplane, multiple-time champion of Ukraine Dmitri Russov tried to win the Grinienko Cup in 2013.
Studient-16 Proto
The fifth Studient 16, Svierxnovi (Super-new), was built in 2014.
Studient-16 Svierxnovi (Super-new)
The JAI studient-19 (Russian: ХАИ Студент-19) – was a tandem experimental training deltaplane developed by the Club of Deltaplanos "Ikar" of the Aviation Institute Kharkivm and built in 1998 by the Ukrainian firm “Eros”. It was never mass-produced.
This device has proven to be an excellent starter trainer for people weighing more than 80 kg. In its original role as a tandem coach, it is rarely used.
Studient 19
First flying in 2009, two JAI studient-21 (Russian: ХАИ Студент-21) were built for training at Deltaplanos. The first, built in 2009, was sold in Azerbaijan in 2010 to the Delta Plane Club of the Federation of Extreme and Air Sports.
2009 Studient-21
The second Studient-21 was built in 2014.
2014 Studient-21
The first JAI studient-13 (Russian: ХАИ Студент-13) Malysh (Small) was built in 2003, for “people of short stature and low weight”.
2003 Studient-13
The second Studient-13 Zaporozhki Malysh (Little of Zaporozhia) was specially built in 2011 for the Zaporozhie Delta Plane Club led by Vladimir Yefimov.
2011 Studient-13




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