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Hiway Hang Gliders Eclipse
Pacific Windcraft Eclipse
The Hiway Hang Gliders Eclipse (5th Gen.) is a glider which has taken its engineering from original Pacific Windcraft Eclipse. The first Eclipse had the original Pacific windcraft sail, with Hiway airframe including sliding top A frame to allow flat rigging. Subsequent gliders had Hiway sails and Airframe. Total number made by Hiway rumoured around 7. Handling concerns effected UK sales.
In 1987, the American Eclipse was replaced in the Pacific Windcraft product line by their Vision Mark IV (a version of which Airwave UK marketed, with Magic hardware, as the "Calypso"). That same year, Pacific Windcraft was absorbed into Pacific Airwave, which in turn was absorbed into its parent company, Airwave Gliders in 1994.
The 170 sq ft had 15 top surface battens, 4 lower, no keel pocket just strap and rear wire, no tip anti dive rods.only 4 reflex lines, nylon balls at floatng wing tips with tuning achieved by lengthening the leading edges at tips.

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