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Chargus Gliding Company Vortex
Made in 1978, the Vortex was Chargus' first contribution to the intermediate glider market. The machine, which was supplied in two sizes, follows the Superscorpion deflexerless concept but with the addition of vortex generators. These are little holes cut in the wing tips just behind the leading edge to give a lower stalling speed than normal. Rigging utilised a difficult to assemble control frame and bolt-on cross booms, like the Mk 1 Superscorpion. Finish was good with lots of attention to details and all tubing is anodised matt black.
The performance of the Vortex is good at slow speeds where it really proves its slow flying, slow sink rate ability. The machine however becomes very light in roll at high speeds and will oscilate badly in rough air, particularly if the pilot is inexperienced and is overcorrecting.
In 1978 the Vortex 110 was priced at £397.00 inc bag and VAT, and the Vortex 120 at £415.00 inc bag and VAT.
Vortex 110
Leading edge: 19 ft 0 in
Keel: 12 ft
Sail area: 196 sq ft
Nose angle: 110 deg
Billow: 0.68 deg
Aspect ratio: 4.6
Span: 30 ft
Vortex 120
Leading edge: 19 ft 0 in
Keel 12 ft
Sail area: 204 sq ft
Nose angle: 120 deg
Billow: 0.68 deg
Aspect ratio: 5.23
Span: 32ft 8 in

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