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 Eclipse Eagle
Eagle 210
The 1977 Eagle 210 was developed from the SK90 series. The machine was recommended as an ideal trainer, but is also a good performer for experienced pilots.
Also made in 1977, the Eagle 2 glider was intended for the more experienced pilot, but was still very easy to fly and has no nasty characteristics. The unusual cambered keel pocket gives the sail a graduated dihedral effect across its chord, which helped to give good stability and light positive control. The glider has three deflexers, folding A frame, reversible rigging for seated or prone flight. Quite a few of this model were sold in small and medium sizes.
Eagle 2
Eagle 210
Leading edge: 19 ft 8 in
Keel: 15 ft 6 in
Sail area: 221.5 sq ft
Nose angle: 99 deg
Billow: 1.75 deg
Aspect ratio: 4.395
Span: 31.2 ft
Eagle 2 (medium)
Leading edge: 20 ft 6 in
Keel 10 ft 0 in
Sail area: 199.3 sq ft
Nose angle: 109.2 deg
Billow: 0.4 deg
Aspect ratio 5.664
Span: 33.6 ft

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